24-Hour Monitor Can Check Your Health Anytime

Cloudmed Sensiio can measure vital signs(heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen) can help assess the general physical health of people, giving them reminders on potential diseases.

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Full-Day Monitor

Cloudmed Sensiio have 24 hours monitor, making you get instant information of your body.

Indoor, Outdoor, It works!

Easy to Carry.

Beautiful Appearance Makes You Outstanding!

Body Temperature Monitor

24-hour continuous body temperature monitoring, providing data every minute, and tracking the change of body to regulate body temperature.

Release Your Stress

In addition to the physical health measurements, stress index can help you realize your emotional status and make you take better actions.

Super Waterproof Design

IP68 waterproof.Suitable for hand washing and rainy days.You can meet up all the waterproof needs in your daily life even though you don't take off the watch.

Notifications &Music Control

Cloudmed Sensiio can support twitter, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and other notifications. In addition, Cloudmed Sensiio is with noise-free vibration notifications, and always stands by you quietly every single moment. And with Cloudmed Sensiio, you can stream tens of millions of songs. Have fun listening.

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